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Senator Cotton Speaks to the Society of the Honor Guard

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Tom Cotton It was COL Neale Crosby who wrote some very touching words about “Why We Guard the Tomb” Recently Senator Tom Cotton shared the following words with the Sentinels who have and are guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns:

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National Medal of Honor Day 2016

National Medal of Honor Day

National Medal of Honor Day

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Flags In – A tradition at Arlington National Cemetery

Old Guard Soldier - Flags In

Old Guard Soldier – Flags In

2014 Memorial Day Weekend is ahead of us.  The work has already begun at Arlington National Cemetery. Soldiers from The Old Guard – 3d Infantry Regiment of the US Army are ready. They are equipped with their rucksacks filled with American flags and will spend the next few hours placing a flag in front of every headstone in the cemetery.  With 624 acres, over 250,000 flags will soon be fluttering in the gentle breeze across the rolling hills of this national shrine.   A tribute of thanks to those who have served and are at rest among the acres. Continue Reading…


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Another “First” at Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery - Amphitheater

Arlington National Cemetery – Amphitheater

For those of you who have visited this website often, you know the love and admiration I have for Arlington National Cemetery and since June of 2010 with the new management, things have gotten so much better!

Over the last decade plus, the hours which I’ve walked and worked among  those acres of heroes at rest are countless, but each time it’s a place that I welcome to visit time and time again.

I spent St. Patrick’s Day 2013 in a very unusual and festive way… It was truly an honor to be selected to photograph the change of responsibility and  retirement of  an US Army Airborne Ranger …  at the Amphitheater of Arlington National Cemetery.  When President Woodrow Wilson dedicated it in May of 1920, it became a place where special events happen. These include: Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday, Memorial Day remembrance in May and honoring those who served in November on Veterans’ Day.  It would be later that year in 1920 that the first Unknown Soldier would be interred.

But back to the historic event …  it was a first … a first time that such an event would happen, where the echoes of great events still resonate within the marble structure.  On 17 MAR 2013… new echoes would join them…

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National Medal of Honor Day – 2011

Congressional Medals of Honor - US Navy/Marine, US Army, US Air ForceFriday, 25 MARCH 2011 came and went with little fanfare, it seems the country was focused on basketball, events around the world or didn’t really know that a day was set aside to raise the awareness of the true heroes, most of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice and never saw the medal they were awarded… Continue Reading…


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A Tomb Guard’s Last Walk


A very rare mission… with an even rarer ending…

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And the survey said…

The Old Guard on Parade

The Old Guard On Parade

they’re still the best kept secret!

I spent a week on a special mission.   I wanted to find out peoples’ awareness in the Washington DC area.   I asked about the sports teams, and most people knew without any coaching what teams they had for baseball, football, basketball, hockey and more.   I also asked who would defend Washington DC if a disaster struck.

I even showed photos of …

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PART TWO: TOG on a Mission – 2010

PART ONE of this entry touched on the selection and inclusion of the photos from the cover through JUN 2010.   PART TWO  gets a bit more into history and background rather than the selection of photos as I go through JUL to DEC of 2010.
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Here they come again…

On Saturday 10 OCT,  Honor Air Louisiana will be transporting another group of “the Greatest Generation” for a day in Washington DC to see the WW II Memorial among others and pay a visit to Arlington National Cemetery.   The group sponsoring this wonderful visit has been in operation for a while and this will be their 19th trip since inception.

Their escort for the day is a Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers…

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Honoring Those Who Gave So Much…

The US Army celebrated its
234th birthday on 14 JUN 2009…

One of the most solemn and dignified ceremonies occurred in Arlington National Cemetery at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on that morning…

a full honors wreath ceremony

placed by

the Secretary of the Army, Honorable Pete Geren,

Chief of Staff of the Army, General George W. Casey Jr.


Sergeant Major of the Army, SMA Kenneth Preston.

Hosted by Commanding General of the Military District of Washington, Major General Richard J. Rowe Jr, the full honors included:

a complement of The US Army’s 3d Infantry –

The Old Guard,

The US Army Band, Pershing’s Own


Color Guard.

After the wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, General Casey and Sergeant Major Preston visited each of the 24 former Chiefs of Staff and 2 Sergeants Major of the Army’s final resting places and placed a wreath in honor of their service to the United States of America.

General of the Armies & Former Chief of Staff General John J. Pershing’s gravesite


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