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I was asked to develop one of The Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps.  The photo is from the 2009 Old Guard Calendar which I published.

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And the survey said…

The Old Guard on Parade

The Old Guard On Parade

they’re still the best kept secret!

I spent a week on a special mission.   I wanted to find out peoples’ awareness in the Washington DC area.   I asked about the sports teams, and most people knew without any coaching what teams they had for baseball, football, basketball, hockey and more.   I also asked who would defend Washington DC if a disaster struck.

I even showed photos of …

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PART TWO: TOG on a Mission – 2010

PART ONE of this entry touched on the selection and inclusion of the photos from the cover through JUN 2010.   PART TWO  gets a bit more into history and background rather than the selection of photos as I go through JUL to DEC of 2010.
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Spirit of America – US Army Style!

I had a small inkling of what to expect having spent many days among the Old Guard and US Army Band – “Pershing’s Own” – but after the show began, I thought different. What unfurled was a extravaganza that kept moving right up until intermission… it was fast action, informative, precision, pageantry with a heavy dose of history mixed into the delivery.    I was truly impressed and after the two hours of show, my camera had recorded over 800 photos of these Soldiers in action…  I’m sure the attendees in Columbus, OH and Providence, RI would have the same impression or better.

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