Photography by John Michael

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Happy Birthday…

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They Are UP!

purple waterlily 13 OCT Reception

7:00 – 8:00 PM

Penn Camera – Tysons Corner has decorated their walls with several of my photographs for the month of October.  I was there on Sunday,  03 OCT and they look great.   So you’re welcome to stop by anytime during this month and see them.

They look great!

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Last Week in Review

What a week! It was great and energizing to deliver/send out the calendars – “The Old Guard on Parade – 2009”
I was a guest at the Military Order of World Wars (MOWW) where I met some very interesting people – historic in my opinion. The calendar and work I do to promote the military was very well received.
I missed the event of the Veterans’ Administration honoring Ross Perot. He’s a true patriot and has done and continues to do a lot to help those who defend the United States. Hats off Ross! Oops, I meant Mr. Perot.
I began my year with a bigger Facebook presence and have quickly found a fine network of friends there. Many I knew from years ago, but many more from exploring common interests and work. One of which I actually had the honor of meeting this week while I was in Washington DC. He has a quite tall mission of representing the US Army to the American People. I spent sometime showing him the work I’ve done over the years and presented him with some personalized heraldry cards. I was then presented my first challenge coin for the year!

What an honor! Thanks Colonel!!!
My shutter finger was getting itchy since I’d not taken any photos this year, so I arranged to rendezvous on Saturday with a friend who for Christmas received a new camera. We were to explore Arlington National Cemetery – especially the section where they laid the thousands of wreaths. As the day turned from “possible snow” to “liquid sunshine,” I sensed he wasn’t showing up. Off to the cemetery I went and from the warm and very dry confines of my vehicle I captured several photos of the solemnity cast in the weather’s aura.

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Photography by John Michael – A NEW StoreFront

It’s no secret, I’m in process of writing a book (a very challenging project, since no one has ever written about this topic before) and in doing so, I’ve been researching places to have it published. In the course of things (how cliche-ish!) I’ve captured several thousand photographs to complement the text that will be included in the book.

Until now, I have had few outlets for the fruits of my labors — (my notecards / greeting cards, photographs) they have been for sale at the Old Guard Museum gift shop [benefiting the Old Guard Ladies Association] However, someone decided as of October 1st to close the Old Guard Museum on Fort Myer. Word has it that it will re-open in November. The other location is at the gift shop of the JFK Warfare Museum located on Fort Bragg, NC.

Despite talks with locations in the DC area, the challenge of the economy has slowed progress. So in the meantime, I’ve located a place where high quality prints of my photos can be ordered either unframed or framed. Presently there are only photographs, but soon you’ll find calendars and more (‘nother cliche!) available for purchase. As my way of “giving back” a portion of the profits of sales of selected photos/calendars will be donated to The Old Guard Ladies Association

==>> Photography by John Michael

Please visit ——- and please let me know your reaction!

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Fire Red & Pink Contrails…

I headed out this afternoon for a walk after a day of wrapping up the loose ends of September…

Up in the sky, looking to the West, slightly South, there were bands of contrails from the jets winging their ways to their destinations …

the Contrails were “skyblue pink” and later “fiery red” — and the camera was back at the ranch…

c’est la vie… another photo op missed.


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Hello to BlackStar!

I’m now “twittering” – and since joining that group, I’ve been “followed” by several “twitters” – The latest is BLACKSTAR which I hold in high esteem since they have among their associates some great photographers.

Perhaps all the photos I’ve captured among the years have gotten some notice!



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Happy Mothers’ Day!

A special thanks to my mom and all the women who have influenced my life … May you enjoy the day!


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Friday nite Ferris wheel colors…

Right up the street from me, the carnival came to town loaded with rides and more…

I always wanted to see how a moving ferris wheel looks at night.. here’s one of my shots…

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Flowers of Spring

Many years ago when I had my own piece of earth, I used to plant hundreds of flowering bulbs in the Fall. It was good theraphy, great exercise and the fruits of my labor would greet me in the Spring (except for some of the crocus that the chipmunks absolutely loved despite all the precautions I ultimately took to keep them at bay and the tulips – eaten by the deer- one year I had a patch of yellow and red tulips – for ONE DAY, until the deer came along and gave them a shearing that kept them almost at ground level)

Since then, I have depended upon the work of others and natural settings to supply me with my current batch of “flowers that last”

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Signs of SPRING at Arlington National Cemetery

I was fulfilling some of my volunteer work for Find A Grave at Arlington National Cemetery and taking photos of headstones in Section 7 and lo and behold (how cliche!) here were the first signs that SPRING is on its way… these flowers were the first of many that I came across in that Section.
Other signs that SPRING is just around the corner as the flowering bulbs in many of the flower beds around the cemetery are poking out of the earth… MORE Flowers soon!

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