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Hints of Spring at Arlington National Cemetery

The Crocus are here!  Arlington National Cemetery is beginning it’s annual burst of cascading colors.
Arlington National Cemetery CrocusIt was a great surprise to see them just where I expected.  I discovered them years ago while walking among the acres of the United States’ shrine to the real heroes that have made this country great. The patch of them are down the hill, near the Old Amphitheater.  It has gotten larger each year as the number of bulbs multiply… perhaps one day it’ll cover the entire expanse in shades of purple, violet and white…

Other signs of the coming colors were the shoots of narcissus and daffodils  poking their greenery along the roadside on the other side of Arlington National Cemetery.   Signaling that Spring is on its way.   Expanses of tulips will surround the other Amphitheater where the Tomb of the Unknowns is guarded continuously by the 3d Infantry Regiment of the US Army – The Old Guard.  Perhaps hyacinths with their sweet fragrance will surround the Old Amphitheater

Soon the flowering trees will show their blossoms – cherry, the red-bud and more.

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Happy Mothers’ Day 2010


Just a few words with colorful flair…

Continue Reading…


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Happy Mothers’ Day!

A special thanks to my mom and all the women who have influenced my life … May you enjoy the day!


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Flowers of Spring

Many years ago when I had my own piece of earth, I used to plant hundreds of flowering bulbs in the Fall. It was good theraphy, great exercise and the fruits of my labor would greet me in the Spring (except for some of the crocus that the chipmunks absolutely loved despite all the precautions I ultimately took to keep them at bay and the tulips – eaten by the deer- one year I had a patch of yellow and red tulips – for ONE DAY, until the deer came along and gave them a shearing that kept them almost at ground level)

Since then, I have depended upon the work of others and natural settings to supply me with my current batch of “flowers that last”

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Signs of SPRING at Arlington National Cemetery

I was fulfilling some of my volunteer work for Find A Grave at Arlington National Cemetery and taking photos of headstones in Section 7 and lo and behold (how cliche!) here were the first signs that SPRING is on its way… these flowers were the first of many that I came across in that Section.
Other signs that SPRING is just around the corner as the flowering bulbs in many of the flower beds around the cemetery are poking out of the earth… MORE Flowers soon!

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First Flower Photos of 2008

I have been exploring and got some rather striking photos of roses which I’ll post on here soon


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Seems that the tradition for New Year’s Day is black eye peas… I am longing for the patch of sweetpeas that bring their bounty every Spring. The photo shows the harvest I got from last year. I’m looking forward to April when I can get resupplied. Now for me it’s black bean soup!


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Merry Christmas Cactus

I have a special friend (actually she’s more than just special — even though she doesn’t think so most times) some miles away and she’s got a fondness for growing things — she told me that she had a Christmas Cactus that was pale pink that she had four blooms on it… an offshoot of another plant that she borrowed the ‘cutting’ from.

When I was still shooting film/slides (who does anymore?) I took a trip to Solomons Island, MD and found at the visitors’ center the most huge Christmas Cactus I had ever seen… I asked the person caring for the center if I could photograph it… and came back in and laid on the floor to try to capture it’s beauty.
I had to dig thru many packed boxes to find these slides, which I scanned and offer you only two of the photos I took that day … I know there are better ones, but I’m in a hurry to post these for Christmas.


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A Life Philosophy?

I was browsing and came across the following ===

“I want to know what you ache for & if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive.”

Over the past months, I’ve ascribed to this and recently been handed a shock that I never expected. In human relationships, it’s probably expected. Especially since the 5 Rules that we were supposed to follow, fell by the wayside. Was it distractions and values? I don’t know, but I believe that I gave as best I could, but a relationship takes a dual contribution. Actions always speak louder than the words that are spoken.

I must heal and continue on my mission… God has a mission for me here in Washington, DC that I need to finish and I pray for his help to have strength to carry it out.

Merry Christmas!


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Mailing for the personalized cards

Another list, another batch of mail — this time it was a focus on the floral notecards.

With over 500 pieces of mail circulating across the US as far West as Hawaii, we’ll see how many enjoy the flowers to want to put their names on the front of the cards.

My notecards are generated and printed on a sturdy cardstock that took me about two years to locate among the sources of paper out there. Unlike the “cookie cutter” card behemoths who turn out millions of cards on ‘flimsy‘ paper and charge twice as much as I do, my cards are extremely high quality and have a soft finish that is pleasant to the touch, is very easy to write on and in some cases have been framed by the recipient.


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