Photography by John Michael

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Challenge Coins of 2016

It began in 2000 when my journey among the US military commenced.  I had visited Fort Myer for the first time and photographed my first final honors – it was for a retired Chief of Staff of the US Army – at Arlington National Cemetery.


A couple of months later and several more final honors I met the Special Forces officer, who over time has become “the older brother I never had”, at what was my first Special Forces Association meeting.  After the meeting, he pulled me to the side and extended his hand to shake mine.  As we clasped hands, I felt something in my palm and clenched my fist as we finished shaking hands.   I opened my fist to find in my palm, my first challenge coin.   His words to me “Thank you for what you’ve done for the families, for the Special Forces, and for US Army!”







I’m grateful for all of these – they are special – reflecting the involvement during 2016.


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