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Happy Thanksgiving…

I am thankful for the blessings I have…

  • To be born in the United States of America
  • To have a loving family
  • To have wonderful friends
  • And among them, those who have and are serving in the US military…
  • And to those among them who have adopted me as a “brother”

I am also thankful for their unselfish service, for without them standing up there would be no United States of America

Lastly I would like to thank God for all  the skills and abilities that He has endowed me with to do the work I do and I pray that He allows me to do more and do it for a long time.


PS I say a prayer also for my mother who just left this earth before we could spend a Thanksgiving together. I love you Mom!

(My mom passed on Wednesday, 20 NOVEMBER 2013 after a long bout with some health issues… she’s finally at rest!)   It has been a challenging and difficult several months.  Now I can perhaps do more for others and catch up on things.


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