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A Milestone in Special Forces is Finally Honored

It WAS October 12, 1961, when a visit by then-President John F. Kennedy to Fort Bragg, North Carolina that would turn the tide and raise the awareness of these elite Soldiers of the US Army and award them officially their badge of honor – “The Green Beret”.   The President met General William P Yarborough and saw the Special Forces in action at McKellars Pond.

On April 5, 2012, a large crowd gathered to commemorate and dedicate a new statue that was donated by the great military philanthropist Ross Perot.  The event held in front of what is affectionately called “the school-house” named after the President – The John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School President John F. Kennedy and BG William P. Yarborough– where the statue of the President and General Yarborough will be a constant reminder of the vision that each one had for the need of Special Forces.

I say congratulations to the Special Forces on this wondrous occasion and keep on doing what you’re doing so we and the rest of the free world can continue doing what we’re doing…

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