The Right of the Line…

was the distinction awarded by General George Gordon Meade to the 14th Infantry Regiment of the Army of the Potomac…

On 23 MAY 1865, in the city of Washington DC there was a “GRAND REVIEW” of the Army and it was then and their that the 14th was awarded their motto for their fighting intensity in several of the battles of the Civil War.    To that end I present to you the latest heraldry notecard added to the growing collection about the US military.  In this case, the US Army.  

Currently the 14th has two active Battalions –  the first is attached to the 25th ID at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, while the second is attached to the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, NY.

14th Infantry Regiment

14th Infantry Regiment

Printed in the United States on high quality card stock and matching envelopes, they are hand folded with 5 notecards/envelopes in a package. You can purchase packages of 14th Infantry notecards either plain or personalized(there is a 25 notecard minimum order required for personalization). 

Please contact John Michael for more information.  Just click on his name.

Have a different favorite Regiment, Division, or ?     John Michael probably has or can develop notecards for you.  Please contact him.

 These along with all the other military heraldry notecards will be included later in the new on-line store that is under development.


About John Michael

A professional photographer living in the Washington DC area, John Michael has traveled extensively across the United States. For nearly a decade, he has now focused on the United States military, especially the US Army and photographs the final honors at Arlington National Cemetery. When asked about John Michael, a noted Washington, DC based military historian responded: "He's an athlete - with a natural talent focused in photography and over the years, his experiences have honed his outstanding skills. His photographs evoke a passion and deep emotion." His photography is un matched and provides a vivid experience that expresses the true meaning of the content - the photographs reach out to you and draw you in with a vividness beyond imagination. This immersion into the US military community has sparked a passion that compliments his photographic work. His mission is ongoing of - "Preserving the memories so others will remember..." ™
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Alex says:

I did my time with the 2nd BN 14th INF out of Fort Drum from 96-00. Great unit and I will never forget my time there.