Photography by John Michael

"Preserving the memories so others will remember"™

Welcome to the NEW Site!

It’s been a long time coming to get this presentation of my work on the Internet.   I wouldn’t have been able to do it without some great help from my new “webmaster”              

Thank you Andrew!

We’ve “launched” but as they say, nothing is ever finished — especially on the Internet. Explore, push the buttons, links, and poke around, I’m sure you’ll find something to intrigue, educate, provoke, delight and more… you may also find something you’d like to purchase from the Gallery, or the Products Sections.

If your need is to capture an upcoming Arlington National Cemetery Final Honors for a loved one, then please check out the ANC Final Honors Page.

The Gallery will have many more photos coming online in the next weeks. So check back often. If you’re on my Twittery or Facebook Network. You’ll see a posting when there’s a new blog entry.

Coming soon –   A MEMBERS ONLY Section –  Please watch the postings on Twitter or Facebook.

The key thing is, if you want me to do more (and I want to since it really needs to be done), I need your support, whether it’s choosing a selection to purchase or telling your Network of family and friends about this site. 

Did you know that I can create personalized notecards from most any of the photographs you see in the gallery … just email me.

Thanks for helping me on my mission of

“Preserving the memories so others will remember”™


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Dave Patterson says:

Fantastic site John ! Kudos..