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Horses & Dedicated Service…

caisson stablesI got a glimpse on Sunday morning of the tail end (pardon the pun) of the weekend chores that the 3d Infantry Regiment – The Old Guard’s Caisson Platoon was completing. While the rest of the US was enjoying their Labor Day Weekend or bracing for the arrival of Gustav, the soldiers were tending to their steeds and their needs.

I was on Fort Myer to catch the rehearsal of the upcoming commemoration of the 100 years of military aviation, only to find that the rehearsal was not happening. So while I was there, I sauntered over to the Caisson Stables / Barn and watched as the daily care was being provided to the horses who are tasked with the Monday to Friday military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

I was allowed to observe and learn more about these wonderful soldiers and their horses. And I thank the Specialist from NY state who was kind enough to answer some additional questions and provide further insight into the workings of the platoon…


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